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Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat Poultry Adult All Breeds Für Erwachsene Hunde Allen Rassen

Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat ist ein spezielles Trockenfutter für Hunde mit einem roten Fellton. Das Futter basiert auf einer außergewöhnlichen Formel auf der Grundlage von Untersuchungen, sodass es rote Fellpigmente schützen und betonen und die Haut und das Fell von innen nähren kann. 

Die Zusammensetzung dieses Trockenfutters wird mit Inhaltsstoffen für Haut, Fell und Verdauung ergänzt. Die Inhaltsstoffe werden nicht nur alle erforderlichen Materialien für den Körper Ihres Hundes bereitstellen, sondern auch ein einwandfreies rotes Aussehen des Fells sicherstellen.


Für gesunde Haut und Fell

Zertifiziertes Lachsöl komplementiert die Zusammensetzung des Futters mit Omega-3- und Omega-6-Fettsäuren, welche essentiell für die Förderung einer gesunden Haut und eines dichten und glänzenden Fells sind.


Spezielle Formel 

Hergestellt gemäß einer speziellen RCE (Red Coat Enhancer) Formel, sodass es helfen kann, das rote Fellpigment zu schützen und hervorzuheben.


Ein vollwertiges, hundefreundliches Futter hergestellt mit sorgfältig ausgewählten erstklassigen Produkten ist perfekt verdaulich. Enthält keine künstlichen Farbstoffe, Duftstoffe und Schlachtnebenerzeugnisse. Enthält keine volumenerhöhenden Inhaltsstoffe. Enthält keinen Weizen, Mais oder Milchprodukte. 


Natürliche Antioxidantien

Ein natürliches antioxidatives System – Vitamine E und C und Polyphenole gewonnen aus Grüntee können helfen, das Immunsystem des Haustiers zu stärken. 


Für einen gesunden Darm 

Ein natürliches Mineral, dynamisch mikronisiertes Clinooptilolitis, welches die Darmmikroflora und die Aufnahme von Nährstoffen aktiv stimuliert. Aufgrund seiner speziellen Mikrostruktur kann es verwendet werden, um Toxine aus dem Körper zu entfernen und das Immunsystem zu stärken. 

Dieses Futter mit einzigartiger Zusammensetzung wurde speziell für Hunde aller Rassen mit einem vernachlässigten Farbton entwickelt.

NATURE'S PROTECTION Superior Care ist eine Super Premium Trockenfutterlinie, die innovative Inhaltsstoffe enthält und eine gesunde Diät basiert auf den neuesten Trends und Technologien darstellt. Das Futter enthält nur hochwertige Proteinquellen und sonstige innovative Inhaltsstoffe.

Hergestellt in der Europäischen Union

Hear Success Stories from Our Clients

"Best dog food to remove brown tear stains so far. I was skeptical at first, but I changed my mind after I saw the first improvements. Brown stains are gone and general health is way better as well. I feel that this is what we should feed our dogs. I have tested all the popular and niche dog food brands, Nature’s Protection wins all the way."

"The tears and dark spots have disappeared from my dog’s face! Approved by my vet as a composition. I buy the 22 lbs package which lasts 2-3 months. Finally a perfect food for my dog."

"Brown tear stains were all around my dog’s face. I was searching for a solution and have tried everything. After wasting hundreds of dollars for vets, food, and cosmetics, I finally found a solution. Nature’s Protection food cleared brown tear stains in 6 weeks."


It’s time we all eat smarter. Nature’s Protection will help you how to feed your dog the best.
A dog food created by specialists with only ingredients your dog needs (and none of the stuff you don’t)


A natural mineral, dynamically micronized clinoptilolite actively stimulates intestinal microflora and nutrient absorption. Due to special microstructure, it can help remove toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system.

No Wheat

All feeds from this line are formulated without any wheat. This helps to reduce risks of allergy, skin irritation and various infections. It also prevents any possible feed contaminations that are usually caused by wheat.

Natural Antioxidants

Natural antioxidants - vitamin E and rosemary extract can help to protect cells against the negative impact of free radicals in a the completely natural way.

100% Sustainable Krill

Antarctic krill, a unique and 100% sustainable source of Omega-3, serves your pet’s body with scientifically proven benefits. Omega-3 from krill is more effectively absorbed than from usual fish oils by 2,5 times.

Decreases Risk of Allergy

By using only top quality, natural & healthy ingredients without any wheat or additives, our feed immensely decreases the risk of allergies.

Gluten Free

A diet that consists of ingredients with no gluten helps to avoid disorders of the digestive the system, various allergic reactions & makes your pooch less prone to diseases.

Nature's Protection vs Other Brands

Nature’s Protection

  • Visible results in just 6 weeks and better general health
  • Best quality, privately sourced ingredients
  • Gluten free, no wheat
  • Decreased Risk of Allergy
  • Loaded with new technology minerals and vitamins

Other Brands

  • No true results after 6 weeks
  • Mostly bad quality ingredients
  • Includes wheat which may cause inflammation
  • Only created to feed, not to nourish and protect
  • Only basic ingredients and low quality vitamins/minerals

We’re on a mission

Janita Plunge's experience with dogs began 35 years ago.

At the age of 16, she" "became a dog groomer, and a few years later she was already teaching others to groom dogs.

This 23-year-old girl became the youngest international dog show, judge.

Dogs became not only her lifestyle but also a successful family business - Janita Plunge manages not only the largest pet goods network in the country but also one of the most successful European kennels Tauro Kennel, where many winners and world champions were born and raised.

The long-standing experience in caring for and breeding dogs have inspired Janita to contribute to the development of many quality products for dogs.

She created her own feed and care lines, natural products without chemical additives that nourish the coat, instead of offering a one-time effect.

Products created by Janita are used by owners of white coat dogs all over the world.

Janita Plunge is happy to receive positive feedback and evidence on a daily basis that through discipline and by choosing the right care products it is not really difficult to have a perfectly white coat.

Janita Plunge is ready to share her long-term experience and success with all dog-loving owners every day.

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