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White dog owners daily face a problem – how to keep their dog perfectly white? How to avoid tear stains, brown stains around the mouth or paws? How to feed and bathe your pet so that its coat stays really white?

WHITE DOG CLUB is a place where dog owners who love their pets gather, who know that a perfectly white coat is a mission possible.

WHITE DOG CLUB is a community created for anyone who breeds, loves and cares for white coat dogs.

This is a community where one can always find advice on how to best care for a white coat pet, where we share our many years of experience and choose the most optimal and healthiest solutions for the care of a white coat animal.

Here you will always find not only like-minded pet owners, but also recommendations for tested products that actually work, as well as useful tips.

Janita’s story of creating the White Dogs feed and care products

Janita Plungė’s experience with dogs began 35 years ago. At the age of 16, she became a dog groomer, and a few years later she was already teaching others to groom dogs. The 23-year-old girl became the youngest international dog show judge. Dogs became not only her lifestyle, but also a successful family business – Janita Plungė manages not only the largest pet goods network in the country, but also one of the most successful European kennels Tauro Kennel, where many champions and world winners were born and raised. The long-standing experience in caring for and breeding dogs have inspired Janita to contribute to the development of many quality products for dogs.

Dogs are a very big part of Janita’s and her family’s life. Janita Plungė has been raising white coat dogs for more than 30 years. Their daily observation allows them to get to know these dogs well, and to understand the care and products they need. It was in search of the best food and care products for her dogs, after trying numerous products and not getting the desired result, that Janita became interested in what is best for a white coat, and thus created her own feed and care lines: natural products without chemical additives that nourish the coat, instead of offering a one-time effect.

Products created by Janita are used by owners of white coat dogs all over the world. Janita Plungė is happy to receive positive feedback and evidence on a daily basis that through discipline and by choosing the right care products it is not really difficult to have a perfectly white coat. Janita Plungė is ready to share her long-term experience and success with all dog-loving owners every day.