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The secret of a perfectly white coat lies in the simple formula that everyone who have a white dog needs to know. Healthy white coat formula: 80% proper nutrition, plus 20% daily coat care and routine veterinary care equals a 100% success. The key to success is the owner! It is the owner who shapes both the eating and hygiene habits of the pet.

99% of white-haired dogs face the problem of running eyes, and brown tear stains create an extremely non-aesthetic appearance, irrespective of the breed of the dog. Changing the dog’s diet will immediately resolve the problem of tearing eyes. But in order to do that, the owner first needs to understand what dog nutrition is. Dog nutrition is everything that gets into a dog’s mouth. It’s both feed and treats and supplements. Very often owners say they feed the dog good, quality food, but there is no result. Treats from the table between meals are often the cause of problematic coat. Treats should make up 5% of your dog’s diet and should be good for the dog, not only to pamper, but also for obvious benefits to the dog’s health. For the training and pampering of white coat dogs, it is best to choose high-quality functional treats specially designed for these dogs.

After the diet, the remaining 20% of the successful white coat formula consists of daily dog coat and veterinary care. Choosing the right care products is very important. Most of the care products you can find in stores are unnatural, offering only a one-time effect; often their aggressive components cause allergies and are more harmful than helpful. It is very important to choose care products that do not mask problems, but boost the growth of quality fur and maintain healthy skin. Care products designed specifically for white coat dogs are free from silicones that offer only a short-term effect, carcinogenic SLS additives and parabens that cause allergies. Care products containing natural ingredients promote healthy hair growth, maintain the skin moisture and naturally strengthen the hair.

By observing this formula, i.e., the right choice of pet food and care products, one can make a perfectly white pet coat a reality.